mischief89 (mischief89) wrote in louk_mattdevlin,

Displaced [James/Alesha]

Title: Displaced [James/Alesha]
Music: Displaced by Azure Ray
Disclaimer: I do NOT own Law and Order: UK or Azure Ray. Nor do I make a profit off of this video.
Fandom: Law and Order: UK
File/Size: 2:11//96.99 MB
Characters: James Steel and Alesha Phillips
Summary: I heard this song and was inspired to make a new video. Portraying James helping Alesha through her tough times, guiding her through to a better future. They really are the best of friends.

Click the photo for links to streaming and download!
Tags: cast: ben daniels, cast: freema agyeman, character: alesha phillips, character: james steel, fanart, videos
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