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Exclusive Emilia DiGirolamo Q&A @ Jamie Bamber News

For folks who are interested - several months ago, when "Deal" and "Survivor's Guilt" aired in the United States, we took questions over at jamiebambernews for Emilia DiGirolamo, who wrote the two-parter as well as served as head writer for LOUK Series 5 & 6. Now that the episodes that wrap up Matt Devlin's storyline have aired in the UK as well, we've published Emilia's answers:

Emilia DiGirolamo Q&A @ Jamie Bamber News 

There's a lot in here about the nature of Matt's exit and Jamie Bamber's departure from the show, as well as the decision making behind hiring Paul Nicholls and developing his character, so it's highly recommended reading. Please share the link with anyone you know who is a fan of the character and/or the show ;)
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