August 31st, 2010

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Law & Order: UK Stills - Episode 3.3, "Defence" + press links

Another CPS-slanted batch of pics, but even they are upstaged this time by guest stars Rupert Graves and Amanda Root. ;)  (Well, Graves IS Lestrade on Sherlock... that show's rather a big deal now, isn't it? ;) 

Collapse )

In other news, there is a very praise-worthy preview of Ep. 3.1 "Broken" up at Crime Time Preview. (Fair warning, though, it is SPOILER heavy! The first ep isn't far off now, you might want to wait. ;) )  There is also a delightful and far less spoiler-ridden interview with Bradley Walsh up at WhatsOnTV.

UPDATE!: asta77  just linked me to these magazine scans. (Thanks to padabee  and Lorna!)

There's also a great interview with Jamie and Freema HERE.